Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How To Renew Your Auto Insurance

If you’re reading up on how to renew your car insurance, one can safely assume that you’ve gone through the whole ordeal of getting car insurance already. While that may have been a personal challenge you’ve overcome, renewing your insurance is relatively simpler. That said, a little bit of research may literally take you places with your auto insurance.  Here are a few of the great ways to make your car auto insurance renewal a pleasurable one!
1 . The right time
Renew your auto insurance on time. If you wish to opt out of your current insurance policy and go for one that seems more rewarding, go ahead. But make sure you do it at the time when the old policy is up for renewal. This saves you from being charged with penalties or fees. Also make sure that before you cancel the old policy, you have a new, verified insurer in place.
2. Research
Do your homework about the various policies that are up for grabs. Consider the coverage and cost against your income and investment capacity. Stick with the same insurer if you’re getting a discount with him as compared to opting out and going for a new insurer. Note down all the offers from new insurers and first call your current insurer to ask if he’s willing to step up on the existing offer.
3. Timing
Never be without insurance. Before you opt out of the current policy, if at all, make sure you have a new one in place.  Save time by making calls to tope few auto insurance companies and comparing their offers.
4. Written word
Make sure you get all offers in the written word before you decide to switch. Your process can begin with a phone call but the basis of your decision should always be a written quote from the prospective insurer. Most importantly, you must be able to tell which is the best bid. This way you’ll be assured of now over paying and putting your money with an insurance company that is right for you.
After considering these parameters, the process is fairly simple and the route you take depends on whether you deal with an agent, or you renew it online or you want to go for automatic renewal.
5. Check online
Almost all information is available online on the insurance company’s website. If you have an online account with your insurer or you’re registered in the automatic online bill pay option, you can visit the FAQ section to have your queries answered. Other than this, most companies have now made renewal easy for its customers and a few clicks along with re-entering your personal information should get your through with your renewal process in a matter of minutes.
6. Call your agent
If the online process doesn’t satisfy you, call the agent you dealt with when you procured your auto insurance. Phone them and find out the terms and conditions of your renewal. If you don’t have a direct contact, get in touch with the company board line and get connected to an agent.
Ideally, you should check for auto renewal before you register your insurance. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Just call your insurance company and find out the T&C of your insurance policy. Enquire about the renewal offer, compare it to that of other companies and take a call. It only takes a few minutes on a phone call or a few clicks on your computer and the job is done.
Before starting the process, understand that while you must never go without insurance cover, the insurance company wants your business; so go out there and get the policy that’s best for you and your pocket!


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  2. A very informative post on how you can renew your auto insurance. And yes, the right time and the right is the best way you can renew your auto insurance with your agents.